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Well lets see here. First of all my name is David I'm originally from a really small redneck town in wi but now live in MN. I'm 28 and am a father. I love kids, playing guitar, singing, gaming, hanging out, just being completely random. I work hard and play harder. Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk and/or know more.
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Gladly 😍





Fuck yes

I mean can someone do this with me?

and this is why i wanna trade my jeep for that 76’K10

Seriously this is one of my dream dates! And it’s definitely on my to do list!



Female Captain America cosplayers.

Found here.

Anyone who says anything about demoralizing women for those who picked a skin tight suit for their cosplay can straight fuck themselves because they obviously have not seen Captain’s buns IN EVERY SCENE HE IS EVER IN OKAY

Saving the world, and looking fine as hell the whole time.

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